Healing that goes further than skin deep.
When you have gone through significant loss in your life, and you're longing for healing...
Exclusive 3 Day Retreat with Marie ALESSi
13-16 January 2022
Near Sydney, Australia
  • You have been rocked to the core & feel the need to rebuild yourself (& might not know how to)
  • ​Life will never be the same - yet you choose how it will be different from here on in
  • ​Nobody seems to get what you're going through; so let's do this together & experience connection on a soul level
  • ​Reconnect to your roots deep within
  • In every adversity awaits opportunity - allow it in
Some impressions from our last Retreat...
Why come & retreat with us?
You have been rocked to the core & feel the need to rebuild yourself
Adversity can pull the rug underneath our feet & rock us to the core. Nothing stays the same. "Shattered" is an understatement.
Working through our grief often puts us in a state I like to call "functioning mode". We do the things we need to do, arrange all necessities and work our way through the day by tick lists (at best). We can feel like being on auto-pilot, not truly "within ourselves". It requires us to come back to centre to regain a feeling of empowerment & being in charge of our daily lives.

​Life will never be the same
That's correct. It won't. How could it? Yet... it's up to us to decide what life's going to look like. This can be such an overwhelming task to do on your own. How on Earth can you get there? Where do you even start? Deciding what you want and need can seem impossible after adversity.
Rest assured you're in the best hands and company to work this out - choices are yours to make - allow the support you need!

Experience connection on a Soul-Level
When our loved ones pass it is mostly the circumstances around their passing we talk about or get asked about for a long time. It often gets to that moment where the "story" feels so mundane, as you told it over and over again. You're longing to just connect with others on a Soul-Level. Others who get it. Who have walked a mile in similar shoes. No comparison, just support. Where you don't owe explanations or need to live up to anything.
There's this beautiful saying in Austria (where I come from) that translates to "Let your Soul dangle". I love it. Let's do that! Together.

Reconnect to your roots deep within
When we release pain on a deep level, we need to reconnect to our roots. Roots are what strengthens us when the storm hits us. The deeper and stronger our roots, the less we get shaken by the storm. It feels quite sacred, establishing this connection, allowing the strength from within to connect to the strength from our planet, Mother Earth. Nurturing, protective and ancient strength. A feeling of empowerment returns to your core!

Allow your inner guidance to lead you
Once we have re-established this connection, we can allow our inner guidance to take over. We all have it within. Some call it intuition, some gut feeling, instinct or inner voice. I like calling it my inner guidance. It's like an intuitive knowing of what I need to do (or not to do!). I'd like to awaken that within you, teach you how to listen to it, with some very simple exercises that you can use "on the go", practically each day.

Let me spoil you a little!
Once you arrive at the Retreat [we invite you to do so the night before, at no extra costs to you] there will be a little welcome gift awaiting you, just to make it even more memorable. I like spoiling my guests. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible!

We recorded this fb live together straight after the last Retreat...

Marie Alessi, founder of Loving Life after Loss
My Coaching Journey started in 2011. A choice that equipped me with tools I never thought I'd need to handle life's biggest adversity thrown at me...

In June 2018 everything came to a sudden stop. My husband passed from a brain aneurysm. No pre-warning. I remember the emotional pain being so overbearing, it felt like somebody had poured acid into my stomach!

Our two boys were only 10 & 8 at the time of Rob's passing - and I knew I needed to create a life they deserve; full of laughter, strength and Love.

My inner guidance became very powerful and I allowed it to lead the way. I created our path back to happiness in a manner that surprised many people around me and is now creating a massive impact on a Soul-Level for thousands of people around the globe.

I founded the Movement "Loving Life after Loss" that gained international media attention within weeks.

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to loss. Yet there is a stigma around grief that needs to be interrupted, to detach from others' expectations and honour your own needs and space.

Within weeks of starting the Movement, I knew I wanted to offer a retreat; to connect with people on such a deep level and hold space for them during these paramount healing steps.

I've got you... Come and join us!!

3.5 Day Retreat includes:

  • 3 nights [we invite you to arrive the night before to be in the perfect state of mind the next day]. Travel to & from the retreat are not included.
  • ​All meals from Thursday evening with welcome drink & grazing platter until Sunday lunch. [Please inform us about special dietary requirements]
  • Materials: everything needed for the Retreat will be provided. Wear comfortable clothes!
  • Bonfire: there's an activity planned around the fire as well as a BBQ night on the last evening. [Depending on fire restrictions on the day.]
  • Crystallise healing: the Retreat offers healing on a deeper level, one that goes way beyond your mindset - I will take you deep within yourself!
  • Connection: this is what we are all longing for - deep connection on a Soul-Level; someone to hold space for you. We've got you!
  • Freedom: experience the opening of your heart to allow Love & joy back in - you need it & you deserve it, I will provide a safe space for you to heal!
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