You feel like "nobody gets me", like "I'm all alone in the world right now!"
This Experience is for YOU!
The Experience is for you when you are ready to go deeper and allow yourself to have it all!
Exclusive 8 weeks Experience with Marie ALESSI
Starts: 3rd August 2020
This program is run ONLINE, spaces are limited!
  • How to find yourself after having experienced Loss
  • ​Where to find the confidence to do so
  • ​Deal with the Guilt without neglecting your Loved One
  • ​Honour the process & honour yourself
  • ​How to even imagine - and create - a "new" future
Why join the 8 weeks "Loving Life after Loss - Experience"?
Week 1: The Re-Identification Process
You will learn how to define yourself in relation to YOU. So often we define ourselves in relationship to another person. "I am Mum of Flyn and Jed. I am Rob's wife." Yet we need to connect to our true selves. Find out who WE are at our deepest core, reveal our Authentic Self! In particular after experiencing Loss this can be quite a challenging process - and so beautiful, with the right support!

Week 2: Confidence re-defined!
Reconnect to this power within you! Where do you find it? "Lack of confidence" is the no. 1 thing I usually hear when it comes to finding yourself and "moving forward" in a new direction. This can be just as daunting as feeling like a teenager again. You might have lived with one person for the majority of your life, or have lived with certain beliefs about yourself for way too long. It is now time to regain the confidence needed to embark on your new journey!

Week 3: Mindset CleanUp
How often do you think something about yourself or others that is not serving you? This module is designed to not only create awareness around your Thinking Patterns, but also to teach you how to create positive ones to form new and healthy habits. Reboot your thinking!

Week 4: Letting go of Judgement & Comparison
Set yourself free! Time spent on Judgement and comparing yourself to other's paths or journeys, is time wasted. When we look at what others have, we don't see what we have. This is about focus. Focusing on what you want, rather than what others have or do. And Judgement is the easiest way to destroy your dream. This module focuses on how not to let your life be interfered or guided by neither Judgement nor Comparison!

Week 5: Self Sabotage & Loneliness
How to break the cycle of Self Sabotage and Loneliness. This is all about allowing. Allowing yourself what you want, need & deserve. In this module we might visit some old habits, patterns and long lost connections with your authentic self. A gift you deserve receiving!

Week 6: Detach from the Outcome
Focus on the task! Again, where the focus goes, energy flows. It is important to know what we want in life to be able to get there. Yet if we just focus on the outcome & not on the task itself, we try to control something that is not within our control. Focusing on the task, knowing what you want, will get you the outcome a lot quicker - and often we realise along the way, that our direction might change... Confusing? Don't worry, it will all make sense!!

Week 7: Happiness vs Guilt
This is a big one! In particular on the journey with Grief. In this module we will address the most important question of "How to ditch the Guilt to create space for everything else". Guilt is like weed. It might look like it's part of the package, yet it takes up a lot of space & can destroy the roots of all beautiful seeds that want to grow in your garden! In this module we learn how to get rid of Guilt, create space for Joy, Love, Happiness and all the other beautiful things you are deeply longing for in your Life!

Week 8: Allowing - the most profound concept in Healing
The final week is all about applying everything we have learned, for you to be taking Life into Your own hands! Enjoy the responsibility for your path ahead. You have done some intense work here, now it's time to spread your wings and fly around! My aim for you is to get to the space of Allowing Joy, Love & Happiness back into your life! Is it now time for you to join us? Let's have a chat!
Hi, I'm Marie Alessi.
Growing up with 4 adopted siblings and being the only one born into my family, I faced emotional challenges throughout my childhood that led me to becoming a "natural born survivor". I never knew what it meant to have a "normal childhood".

I lost my Dad when I was only 20 & struggled with this adversity life had thrown at me, as I truly looked up to him! From the age of 17 I felt a very strong calling to move to Australia and finally visited for the first time at 25. Working as a Flight Attendant back then, it was an easy but interim solution, flying back and forth to Australia 2-3 times a year.

The real struggles in my life unfolded after losing my Dad. It took me till my early 30's to realise through years of therapies that a lot came from a lack of SelfLove. Just before my 32nd birthday I finally moved to Australia for good. I called it my personal Independence Day!

The next 13 years were a whirlwind of Self Development (including starting my own Coaching Practice in 2011) and making all my dreams come true - literally! I met my husband only 10 months after moving to Sydney - he exceeded all my most wonderful expectations of a loving husband and father to our 2 boys - by far!

In June 2018 everything came to a sudden stop. I lost my husband to a brain aneurysm. No pre-warning. I remember it feeling like somebody had poured acid into my stomach!

Using my own tools and strong intuition, I created my path back to Happiness in a way that wowed a lot of people & now creates massive impact on a soul level. I founded the global Movement "Loving Life after Loss" that within weeks gained media attention around the world.

The 8 weeks Experience offers tools from my Coaching Background combined with all the "ingredients" that my husband would have wished for our lives. This is next level! Come and join us!!
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