5 Days "Heart to Heart"

5 Strategies You can use immediately to cope with Loss!

When Your Heart is torn, Your Mindset can help stitch it up!
Each step I share with you is an eye opener in itself. These are the exact tools I used after losing my husband & the father to our two young boys, to turn my life into one of huge purpose!
Read below for more details - this is for you!!

Who is this for?

  • If you say things like: "I can't seem to get my life back!" or "I feel so alone in this!" or "Nothing will ever feel right again!"
  • ​You struggle with: Acceptance, Moving Forward, Guilt, Finding Yourself amidst all the emotional turmoil
  • You are: Reliving the Event, the Loss, the Trauma & can't seem to find a way out, through or forward
  • You don't know: how to create a "new normal" or where to even start - then this is where you start!!

What is actually going to happen & how does it work?

This mini course will be taught in a private Facebook group, which you will be added to.
I will go live within the group each day, for 5 consecutive days
You will take away one simple tool per day and get some homework to post in the group.
Throughout the whole process I will personally guide you in a very supportive manner!

What can You gain from the 5 Days "Heart to Heart"?

Guilt is one of our biggest obstruction when it comes to Healing!

So, how can we get past Guilt and into a space of Allowing? It first seems impossible. The voices in our heads keep yelling at us "Nothing will ever get me past this Loss!"

Over the course of 5 days, I will share my simple & highly effective strategies for utilising Your own Mindset to allow Healing, Joy & Happiness back into Your life to ease that incredible pain.

  • Day 1 will shift your perspective. I call it my "warm up". I want you to experience what an impact one simple exercise can have on you!
  • Day 2 is going a bit deeper - I'm sharing a very personal experience & an essential tool how I overcame the darkness!
  • Day 3 is a gift, straight from my heart. So confronting, yet most important in our journey of healing, to be able to find and accept it...
  • Day 4 will allow you the biggest shift in perspective. This will allow to see yourself in a different light, with a lot more light! Soak it up!!
  • Day 5 is going to wrap up the gift of Healing for you. Not in a "I'm done", but in an "I can take this everywhere" kind of way!
  • BONUS: Get a free 30 min call with me at the end of this Mini-Course!!

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We'll be starting on Wednesday 17th June 2020 - Mark Your Calendar!
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I am Marie Alessi. My Coaching Journey begun in 2011, shortly after starting a family with the Love of my Life. Leaving behind a 10 year career in advertising, I ventured onto this new path of Self Development. Little did I know that these 7 years of helping and inspiring others, would be the armour to face life’s biggest adversity thrown at me.
In June 2018 I lost my husband, father to our two young boys, to a brain aneurysm. 

Using my own tools and strong intuition, I found and created my way back to Happiness in a way that now ripples massive impact on a soul level around the world.

I founded the Movement “Loving Life after Loss”. With empathy and understanding, I gently pick you up from where you are at - with a whole lot of respect for your very unique journey. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to Loss. 
Yet there is a Stigma around Grief that I peel back, layer for layer, to not get entangled in other’s expectations and honour your own needs and space.

Let me offer you a different perspective on Life, Love and Grief and leave you with Choices that are yours to make.
I'd like to walk that path of Healing with you and guide you where you need me to!

The 5 days "Heart to Heart" are designed to use the force of your Loss to turn it into Strength to support you on your Healing Journey! I personally work with a small number of participants to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the shift that will happen over the 5 days.

Because of the huge value and deep process in this Challenge, intakes are strictly limited to
30 people

Please register below now to avoid disappointment - I invite you to come along!

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